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Welcome To Our Company

Let our staff of certified captioners provide you with the highest quality captions. Esteno Chile is known for its accuracy and reliability. You can count on us to deliver quality captions and excellent customer service. We provide 99% service guarantee and we are always working to improve.

About Us

Since 1997, Esteno Chile has been instrumental in providing high-quality captioning services at affordable rates. Over the years, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of clients who value the importance of supplying accessible communication to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

Our Services

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    Live Broadcasts
    Esteno Chile provides real-time captioning services for TV broadcasts, pre-recorded programming, religious organizations, meetings, seminars and conferences. News, sports, weather and religious programs are just some of the types of programming we caption.
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    Esteno Chile provides general transcription services for all types of audio or video files. Since we support a wide variety of digital audio and video formats and flexible file transfer options using Web and FTP, you don’t need to mail tapes, CDs or DVDs -- just send us your files via the Internet.
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